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CGI::WML is a Perl module that is a sub class of the famous module. While outputs html/xhtml, CGI::WML outputs WML. In addition to being able to do CGI via WAP this module also has a compiler to compile WML decks so you can check the size of the output (some WAP clients can only handle decks of 1400 bytes), plus a basic html -> wml converter.

This project was started in 1999 by Angus Wood of ZYGO in London in the UK, and can still be found at I started adding and working on it while developing several small wireless projects in NYC (in the US). After seeing an article by Dan Brian in issue #20 of The Perl Journal featuring CGI::WML and reading that he felt is was missing functions that are in the WAP specs, hubris got to me and I decided to update the module and add the missing functionality.

Since Angus is the official CPAN author and he has not responded to any of my emails in a while I do not know if this will get put up on CPAN or will live its whole life here on Source Forge.

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